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Finding out your agent does not represent you is like finding out there is no Santa Clause!

Florida Buyer Broker is a buyers only real estate company.  Most buyers do not know the State of Florida assumes all real estate buyers know the real estate agent they contact will be a Transaction Broker who cannot give the buyer or the seller full representation. An agent, who chooses to represent only the buyer or the seller exclusively, must make written disclosure to the buyer or seller that they are acting exclusively as their “Single Agent.”

Florida Buyer Broker offers exclusive Single Agency to the buyer and must legally negotiate for a lower price and best terms for the buyer.  the buyer broker’s responsibility is to keep the buyer’s financial status and motivation to buy confidential and take care of the buyer’s best interest throughout the real estate transaction.

In the State of Florida, Single Agency means to represent either the buyer or the seller, but never both in the same transaction.

Any real estate broker or ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) can say they are a buyer broker. However, because almost all real estate brokers list property for sale, they will ask you to let them change their status to a Transaction Broker when you are interested in any of their firm’s listings. Some real estate companies only allow their agents to work as transaction agents because this removes the agent’s and broker/owner’s liability in the transaction.   True buyer broker firms do not take listings from sellers are referred to as exclusive buyer agent – EBA.  Florida Buyer Broker is an exclusive buyer agency and therefore a buyers only business.

The State of Florida Single Agency disclosure form is not a contract. It obligates Florida Buyer Broker to provide specific fiduciary duties to you, and work exclusively for your best interest.

Florida Buyer Broker is compensated by the real estate commission already built into the property by the seller’s agent, builder or developer.  When the seller’s agent enters a listing into the REALTOR® MLS data searching system they offer to share their commission with all other real estate agents including exclusive buyer brokers and the buyer’s agent.

Florida Buyer Broker earns the buyer’s loyalty and accepts the shared commission offered by the seller’s listing agent, the builder, developer or for sale by owner as total compensation.  Only working with a “single agency,” exclusive buyer brokerage guarantees the buyer full representation.  Florida Buyer Broker DOES NOT use a written buyer broker agreement, buyer agent contract or retainer fee.  Other offices may have advance fees for buyer’s agent and buyer broker services.  Other offices may require a written agreement.

Florida Buyer Broker’s REALTOR® relationship is always exclusive to the buyer and “Single Agency.” My loyalty remains with my buyer clients throughout the real estate transaction.

Beverly Howe, has served Southwest Florida real estate buyers in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, Bonita Beach, Estero, Marco Island, Ava Maria Florida and the surrounding areas with Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Skill and Expertise since 1981.

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