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The Biggest Mistake Buyers Make! Buyers Assume a Florida agent represents them as their buyer’s agent!

The Buyers best interest is never represented by the seller’s agent or a Transaction Broker. 

A buyers agent is NOT the person the buyer usually contacts about a property.  Buyers assume the sellers agent can represent them when the sellers agents they called about a listing tells the buyers they can be their buyers agent.

Buyers don’t realize the seller’s agent can tell the seller anything the buyer tells them about their financial status or motivation to buy a property. 

The State of Florida assumes ALL buyers of real estate know real estate brokers and their associates are Transaction Brokers or Transaction Associates who DO NOT represent the buyers or sellers exclusively.   Transaction Brokers and their associates can never give the buyers undivided loyalty, confidentiality or exclusive representation.  No written disclosure is required by transaction associates. Some large firms DO NOT ALLOW their associates to be buyer agents because buyer agents have liability. Transaction associates ARE NOT required to disclose their real estate agency relationship as a Transaction Broker to the consumer public in writing.   Transaction Brokers offer buyers limited liability and limited confidentiality.

Florida Buyer Broker is a Buyer Brokerage where there is never a conflict of interest between the buyers and the sellers.  

A buyer broker who chooses to represent only the buyer MUST make written disclosure to the buyer when they first meet.  When the broker will be acting exclusively in the buyer’s best interest they are known as a single agent.  A buyer’s broker who is a single agent represents the buyers side of the real estate purchase only.   A Single Agency relationship with any brokerage requires the brokerage to offer a higher standard of Fiduciary Duties to the real estate client. Buyer brokers will provide undivided loyalty, confidentiality, care and diligence when helping the buyers because they have more liability than a transaction broker.

Florida Buyer Broker’s REALTOR® brokerage relationship with buyers is always Single Agency, buyers only.  All our Buyers receive our undivided loyalty throughout the real estate transaction. The buyer broker must keep the buyers’ financial status and motivation to buy confidential and MUST negotiate for the lowest price and best terms for the buyers only.

Florida Buyer Brokerdoes NOT require a buyer broker contract or agreement. We rely on the quality of our service, expertise, integrity and experience to retain our buyer client loyalty. Buyer Broker Agreements obligate the buyers to pay the balance of any commission as agreed, between the buyer and the buyer broker, when what is offered by the cooperating agency does not meet the agreed upon buyer broker commission.   There is no real benefit for the buyer. We accept the compensation offered in the MLS by the seller’s agents, builders and developers to buyer brokers as the total compensation in the real estate transaction.

It does NOT cost you more to obtain the specialized services of Florida Buyer Brokerto assist you with your home or condominium property purchase, you will arrive at your decision based upon precise information and accurate answers to your questions.  Your real estate purchase transaction will be as smooth and worry free as possible.

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